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Warre was born in Ghent (Belgium). He is a jazz saxophone player and teacher, with his roots in the hardbop language, but also influenced by avant garde and different types of music. He started his musical career at a young age at the music high school in his hometown and went to the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam” at age 18. There he studied with Jasper Blom, Simon Rigter and Marc Scholten. He holds a Master of music degree in jazz saxophone and a Master in music education from the “Kask & Conservatorium Gent” with teacher Bart Defoort. He had master classes / private lessons with Mark Turner, Chris Potter, Dick Oats, Melissa Aldana, Greg Osby and many others.

Warre has played in various countries such as Spain, France, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands with several bands including Ghent Youth Jazz Orchestra, Screens (Ghent Jazz, Brussels Jazz Weekend), Don Marsh V, (Brussels Jazz Weekend) Jake Walker, Mojo Jojo (Avignon Jazz Festival), Green Mean Machine (N9), Bigband '86, SHHT, and others.

Since 2017 Warre has been working at the “Kunstacademie van Geraardsbergen” as a teacher instrument, combo, coördinator of the jazz-department.

In 2018, as a member of SCREENS, he won the Concours XL-Jazz competition on Brussels Jazz Weekend. In the same year they recorded the debut-EP “Low”.

In 2020-2021 Warre worked as a teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel Castillo de Sevilla with main teacher Gustavo Díaz.

Warre plays on a Selmer Modèle 26 (1929) tenor with serial number 11.9XX, Rigotti “the Wild One” reeds and is endorsed by SYOS mouthpieces.

🎷 Upcoming concerts

22/03/2024 Green Mean Machine N9 Eeklo, BE
31/03/2024 Waso invites Hotclub Gent, BE
06/04/2024 Jake Walker Ghentse Hoppers Exchange Gent, BE
11/04/2024 Simon Invites Hotclub Gent, BE
18/04/2024 Wodan Onkelinckx Antwerpen, BE
09/05/2024 Brecker Brothers Tribute Damberd Gent, BE
17/05/2024 Wodan Onkelinckx Bflat Brugge, BE
26/05/2024 Don Marsh V Grand Place Brussel, BE
08/06/2024 Jake Walker La Rochelle, FR
13/06/2024 Jake Walker Mississippi Gent, BE



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